On Camera Talent Opportunities

On Camera Talent Opportunities

Rro/Am Talent

What To Expect

Live Talent For Our XXX Events

This page offers the latest resource for STI testing in the Toronto area.

Broadcast Production

Hosted and Broadcast LIVE from our upscale Toronto Studio, with Live audience and Sex Club environment.

Recent STI Test

We require full panel STI test from each Talent associated with any scheduled event, in due time.

Celebrity Talent

Featuring big name celebrity Porn Stars and so much more are our Live XXX UNCENSORED Pay Per View Events.

Film Crew

These events require elaborate production, a crew and many members, all professionals who are the best at what they do.

Live Events

Not everyone feels comfortable with Live Events, as there are no second takes or edits, with exhibitionists loving this the best!

Social Popularity

With big ticket names comes big ticket fees, and for these events we have a healthy budget towards hiring the best.

Worldwide Audience

Our Live Events go direct from our Toronto studio to over 1000 cities worldwide, to millions of porn fans eventually.

International Talent

We hire Celebrity Talent from everywhere, Talent Agency or Independent, and our preference is for those with a following.


We take care of travel, accommodations, transit and all other issues relating to International Talent coming to Toronto.

Travel Time

We prefer our international Talent arrive a day before their scheduled appearance to see the city and be included in promotion.


As standard agreeance, most Celebrity Talent are paid 50% in advance and the rest upon completion of the assignment.

Virtual Meeting

As assurance, we utilize Virtual Meetings FaceTime or Zoom to establish a connection between us and our future talent.

Live Audience

All our Live Events will include clean STI tested VIP couples and moresomes ready to watch and play.

Pro And Amateur

Our unique events blend celebrity Talent with amateurs, artists, BDSM, etc, to offer an entire night's adult entertainment.

Massive Appeal

Our objective is to develop the ultimate internet entertainment that surpasses all, and always striving for best!

Regular Bookings

With weekly events planned, a LOT of Talent are required thus we support staying connected with us for future employment.


Marketing to a worldwide audience, we offer achieved viewership incentive packages which includes doubling salaries.

Finders Fee

When you direct someone you know to be a part of what we're doing and we use them, you just earned a Finders Fee. DM us for more info.

Live Talent FAQ

Frequently Asked Live talent Questions

What kind of opportunities does Chaste offer?

We hire mostly for our Live Events which are broadcast worldwide from our luxurious Toronto studio. For Talent that seek popularity, this can be a career high experience unlike anything they've ever done before!

Our talent are a mix of pro and amateur, often in the same event, with all events unrehearsed, raw and completely uncensored!

We offer both hard and softcore options in most of our brands with everything shot in glorious 4k, as well as being an 100% ethical production. We hire On-Camera Talent for non-pornographic scenes as well, like gymnasts, riggers and rope acts, guest hosts and celebrites.

Are You Interested In Being Live Talent?

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John Legendary vs. Jessica Starling during our live audience event.