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A Very Creative Video Broadcast Production

Who We Are

A brand new Start Up with a concept of delivering LIVE Adult Lifestyle Entertainment from a gorgeous Toronto converted loft.

What We Do

We offer 4 forms of quality entertainment for adults with a wide variety of interests but all of them kinky or sexy, aligned with a superior user friendly atmosphere and sense of community.

Talent FAQ

Frequently Asked Talent Questions

What kind of opportunities does Chaste offer?

We offer both hard and softcore options in our brands, and in all our genres. We hire On-Camera Talent for non-pornographic scenes as well, like gymnasts, riggers and rope acts, guest hosts and celebrites. {br} Because our events are broadcast worldwide, for Talent that seek popularity, this can be a career high performance unlike anything they've ever done before!


Founder Of Chaste

Founder Of Chaste

Over 3 Decades In Entertainment

A Musician signed to Warner Music Canada in his 20's, performing for live audiences people all around the world.

Over 3 decades as a DJ in Canada for 20 and Los Angeles for 10 years, working in all aspects of Entertainerment.

Worked along side A-List celebrities at TIFF for 6 years straight in the fast-paced duty of the press junket interviews.

Chaste Owner Michael Gionet

Chaste Owner

Michael Gionet


Exciting New Weekend Broadcasts

Create a healthy environment in an industry where respect and dignity don't often occure.

Becoming Canada's number 1 content creator, follwed by much more than that.

Being the change I want to see, creating a corporate accountability for doing our part to change the world.


Origin Story Of Chaste

Told By The Owner And Website Designer

I'd like to describe how I built this concept from scratch.

  • Mar. 2013
  • Sept. 2013
  • 2014
  • 2016
  • 2020
Met Amy Anderssen

Becoming An Accidental Porn Producer

After answering a random Video Producer posting on craigslist, I met and started producing all Amy Anderssen's content immediately. We clicked with her saying I made her look the best she'd ever seen. We shot mostly in her condo and in paid locations, like hotels.

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Porn Star Amy Anderssen at Oasis AquaLounge Sept. 10, 2013
Host First Live Event

Amy's Anderssen's PornStar TryOuts

After using sex club Oasis AquaLounge many times as a location for creating content, and being welcomed each time, I suggested we produce a Live event with a Porn theme as the entertainment in front of a live audience. Amy loved the concept and thus the biggest event hosted by the biggest named Porn Star that Oasis has ever had. The applause at the end of it all had me knowing I was onto something.

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Reivanna Wylde and Husband At Club M4 Toronto
Hosting Live Events

Hosting Events At Toronto Sex Clubs

I started hosting events in Toronto sex clubs including a monthly event at Oasis AquaLounge called Amateur Porn Night, and hosted other events like Bi-Amateur Night at Club M4. The reaction I got was overwhelming in my wanting to produce live content that wasn't directed or coerced, or even paid for. These people were just kinky, and that had a great appeal to try to get out of the way but capture respectfully. I've since perfected this technique and then learned how to build and design my own websites and sell my concent.

Jemma Valentine vs. Bishop Delonte BBCvs.3
Rent A Warehouse

Hosting My Own Event Space

It was almost crazy to live in a warehouse just so you can produce adult content with an audience, but that's exactly what I did. With a massive 2700 sq. ft. warehouse, you can do a lot of things so I hosted over 6 events, of which 2 got my On-Camera talent nominated for an AVN Award. Again, this had me believing I was onto something.

Canadian Porn Stars Pandora Skye, Daisy Swan and Fairy Lust Nov. 13, 2020
Find Investor

Buy A $1.5M Broadcast Studio Loft

Fast forward a few years, and I decided I needed an investor, and found an amazing individual who belives enough in this project to buy me a $1.5M gorgeous upscale live/work loft in Toronto to convert into a 4k Video Broadcast Production Studio. So, that's exactly what I did, as well as make that investor a partner, and now after over a year of building it all and this website, we're ready.

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Pandora Skye, Daisy Swan and Fairy Lust