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What To Expect

Our BBCvs Gangbang Parties

The theme of our BBCvs Gangbang Parties is we've compiled a long list of clean STI tested BBCs and each Sunday they gangbang a different sexy hotwife, snowbunny or MILF, and it's all beautifully captured in 4K glory.

Each Sunday Night event will be hosted by a different gorgeous fucktoy and will be held at our upscale Studio in Toronto.

We ARE seeking gorgeous clean STI tested females to be the center of all this BBC attention, and always looking for more clean BBCs who want to fuck regularly!

Each party is distinctively different and even more different with each individual host, with VODs available for sale soon afterward.

Two Locations

Most of our parties are hosted at our loft, but we also have a gorgeous condo overlooking all of Toronto.

Video Production

All of our BBC Gangbang parties will be filmed in 4K video to be sold on our website, but are currently not broadcasted.

Live Events

Bringing people together safely to film interactions that excite people, creating something unique and special.

Men And Women

We're always looking for BBCs and other photogenic Snowbunnies, Hotwives and select single women to play.

Model Release

All play partners agree to sign our Model Release paperwork for each party with the content filmed to be shared to all.

420 And BYOB

Each event we host is an environment that can create a very wild experience for those who can handle it.

Content Creation

We produce UNCENSORED high quality 4k video shared content for all involved, in lieu of any money being exchanged.

Your Voice

When shooting video, your voice and mannerisms will be recorded and that will be owned by us, with your consent.

What We Need

Everyone submits 2 legal and valid forms of ID, while signing all the forms and agreements needed.

No Filters

We shoot raw, thus cannot hide any identifying aspects like scars, tattoos or piercings, and don't use vanity filters.

Taboo Themes

We only create edgy content that accurately represents us in this lifestyle, as well as filling a niche that is truely popular.

To Be Considered

If you are unknown on social media with no proof of your sexuality, ask for an audition to see how you fuck on camera.

Recent STI Test

Our host Alleggra gets a full panel STI test each month and requires all her play partners to do the same, to play regularly.

Your Health

With everyone clean STI tested, we do not require a vaccine to attend our social events, just insist you to be illness free.

Your Identity

Our host Alleggra will always be masked with all participants welcome to hide their identity this way too.

NDA Forms

We require all participants to agree to and sign a Non Disclosure Agreement protecting all from unwanted exposure.

No Phones Allowed

To control unwanted content from exposing any participants, we don't allow for personal filming of any kind.


We offer luxury amenities for hosting lavious events, with 2 bathrooms and showers for clean up afterward.


Other than for valid medical reasons, a last minute cancelation will have you overlooked for any future events.

We Use Kik

We use Kik to coordinate and organize everyone associated with these parties, our user name is Chaste_Live.

Promote This

Starting small, but wanting this event to grow, we encourage support through promoting and endorsing this concept.

Finders Fee

When you direct someone you know to be a part of what we're doing and we use them, you just earned a Finders Fee.

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