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Uncensored Live Film Shoot Events

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Located inside a luxurious converted warehouse loft complete with a 4k Video Broadcast Production and Studio, we host our unique Live Events gloriously streaming raw, unreheased and UNCENSORED adult entertainment content LIVE worldwide.

Do You Like An Audience?

Every Live Event is enjoyed by our in-studio audience with a 22 VIP couple capacity of like-minded mature adults supporting you and playing along, all in real time and in person. Does that thrill you? Because if so, they you are going to love us!

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Frequently Asked Employment Questions

What are the requirements to work here?

We legally require everything that of any other employers but start with having to be 18+, of course. You also need to provide us the proper ID, be in perfect health and be willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) protecting everyone and the environment in the workplace. If you meet these requirements, all applications then qualify to either a phone interview or an in-person interview, dependant on the variables involved.



Owner Of Chaste.com

Over 3 Decades In A/V And Live Entertainment

An accomplished Musician signed to Warner Music Canada in his 20's, performing for small and large live audiences all around the world. In my first music video appearance, I can be seen holding a DSLR camera.

Over 3 decades as a professional nightclub DJ in Canada for 20 years, and living in Los Angeles for 10 years, entertaining all kinds of crowds from sober to the most outrageous parties.

As a Sound Engineer, worked along side A-List celebrities at TIFF for 6 years straight in the fast-paced duty of recording the press junket interviews.

Chaste.com Owner

Michael Gionet

Our Future In Porn

New Crypto-Fueled Live Adult Only Events

Being a 100% Independent and co-owned by a female, Chaste.com is a production studio and an international e-commerce website, and is poised to be the evolution of a multi-billion dollar industry.

Broadcasting Live Events instead of prerecorded scenes delivers an entirely new and interactive content to a LOT of people's weekend evenings worldwide.

Building our brands and nightly Live entertainment, selling past events as VODs, and encouraging more VIP Members to attend our gorgeous and luxurious Chaste.com Studio and be in the audience for our Live Events!

Ultimately, we wish to build our brands and business to be able to offer each of our brands their own Live Event, for every night of the week!



Chaste Productions Inc. 4K Broadcast Production Studio Control Room