Our Toronto 4K Video Broadcast Production Studio Is NOW Hiring!

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Chaste Bio

A Very Creative Video Broadcast Production

Who We Are

A brand new Start Up with a concept of delivering LIVE Adult Lifestyle Entertainment from a gorgeous Toronto converted loft.

What We Do

We offer 4 forms of quality entertainment for adults with a wide variety of interests but all of them kinky or sexy, aligned with a superior user friendly atmosphere and sense of community.

Cutting Edge

This Is No Boring Job Here

Highest Paying

You Can't Call What You Love Work

Worldwide Audience

Everything Is Incredibly Important


With A Master Plan For Success

Employment FAQ

Frequently Asked Employment Questions

What are the requirements to work here?

We legally require everything that of any other employers but start with having to be 18+, of course. You also need to provide us the proper ID, be in perfect health and be willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) protecting everyone and the environment in the workplace. If you meet these requirements, all applications then qualify to either a phone interview or an in-person interview, dependant on the variables involved.


Founder Of Chaste

Founder Of Chaste

Over 3 Decades In Entertainment

A Musician signed to Warner Music Canada in his 20's, performing for live audiences people all around the world.

Over 3 decades as a DJ in Canada for 20 and Los Angeles for 10 years, working in all aspects of Entertainerment.

Worked along side A-List celebrities at TIFF for 6 years straight in the fast-paced duty of the press junket interviews.

Chaste Owner Michael Gionet

Chaste Owner

Michael Gionet


Exciting New Weekend Broadcasts

Create a healthy environment in an industry where respect and dignity don't often occure.

Becoming Canada's number 1 content creator, follwed by much more than that.

Being the change I want to see, creating a corporate accountability for doing our part to change the world.



Chaste Productions Inc. 4K Broadcast Production Studio Control Room