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Located inside a luxurious converted warehouse loft complete with a 4k Video Broadcast Production Studio, we host our exclusive Live Events that are gloriously streamed raw, unreheased and UNCENSORED as adult entertainment LIVE to over 1000 cities worldwide.

Do You Like An Audience?

Every Live Event is enjoyed by our in-studio audience with a 22 VIP couple capacity playing along, all in real time and in person. Does that thrill you? If yes, then you are going to love us!

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Employment FAQ

Frequently Asked Employment Questions

What are the requirements to work here?

We legally require everything that of any other employers but start with having to be 18+, of course. You also need to provide us the proper ID, be in perfect health and be willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) protecting everyone and the environment in the workplace. If you meet these requirements, all applications then qualify to either a phone interview or an in-person interview, dependant on the variables involved.


100% Independant

Our History To Date

Founder Michael's Experience:

As an accomplished Musician signed to a Major Label deal in his 20's, Michael appeared on many albums and performing for small and large live audiences all across Canada and parts of Europe.

Over 3 decades experience as a professional nightclub DJ with 20 years in Canada, and 10 years living in Los Angeles, entertaining all kinds of crowds from sober to the most outrageous star-studded parties.

Co-Owned an LLC in LA for 6 years producing documentaries broadcast on TSN and CNN, while producing the Soundtrack in these productions.

Working as a Sound Engineer along side A-List celebrities at TIFF for 6 years straight in the fast-paced duty of recording the press junket interviews.

Self-taught Web Designer and Developer from the age of 50, using those skills to build this website with a team of developers in India.

Porn producer since March 2013 and the first ever to shoot porn in several Toronto sex clubs and got a Talent AVN Award Nomination for BBCvs 1 and BBCvs 2.

Since 2013, has been working on the concept of this business and website while seeking a partner, that's when he found Rose. Owners Alleggra and Michael with Jessica Starling at the ETDWSS 2022 Toronto

Alleggra And Michael

Chaste Swingers Club Toronto Owners

Our Future To Be

United We Are Capable

We are a real life couple, living the lifestyle we promote and wish to carry that over into building a huge adult biz that is proudly Canadian and Ethical!

Ultimately, we want to normalize and legitimize the adult content creation industry and popularize our alternate lifestyle. We will NEVER be associated with shady backroom deals, so consent will NEVER be an issue as everything unfolds live.

We want to encourage and promote a healthy, sexy, hot lifestyle that couples feel comfortable enjoying together, in other words, a lifestyle that we can all be proud of.

Hopefully with your support, we wish to achieve worldwide popularity and be a household brand name in Adult Content, like Pornhub, but WAY better. Imagine that!



Chaste Productions Inc. 4K Broadcast Production Studio Control Room