On Camera Auditions For Events

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What To Expect

Our Audition Process

This page offers the latest resource for STI testing in the Toronto area.

Your Identity

Let us know your comfort level with regards to exposing your face, your privacy can be negotiated for your safety.

Your Voice

When shooting video, your voice and mannerisms will be recorded and that will be owned by us, with your consent.

Broadcast Or Not

We both film and broadcast, and have opportunities for both, let us know your comfort with live events.

Owned Content

When hiring paid Talent for any of our productions, we own the rights, but can often work out shared arrangements.

Worldwide distribution

Our Chaste.com website is networked to over 1000 countries worldwide, with all our content seen internationally.

Virtual Meetings

We often utilize Virtual meetings on FaceTime or Zoom to prove your legitimacy and ours, and negotiate terms.

What We Need

For any non-sex related positions, we often only need 2 pieces of valid legal ID, and not a recent clean STI test.

Your Phone Number

For any hired positions, we require you to have an active phone number for direct contact, usually via text.

E-Transfer Payment

We typically pay all Canadian Talent via E-Transfer which simply requires your email address.

Auditions FAQ

Frequently Asked Audition Questions

What is an audition?

An audition is a few things to us: 1. A way of getting to know a prospective Talent to see what they can do in front of a camera. And 2. To use that footage as promotion for upcoming events featuring that Talent.

Some people have no problem having sex in front of others, others have a big problem with it, so it's definitely not for everyone. An Audition decides for both of us whether we go forward or not.

Doing an audition gains a newcomer on camera experience while providing them with shared content and exposure.

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Auditioning at the upscale Chaste Swingers Club Toronto.