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Video On Demand

Video On Demand

Video On Demand - A Life Time Purchase 

Invest In Our Product And Enjoy Knowing You Helped Our Talent

With an Ethical Business Model, each purchase is money going directly into the pockets of the On-Camera Talent. This is MAINLY to facilitate something unheard of in the porn industry: Residuals. Thus, every purchase equals a percentage that Talent earns, just like in the Movie Industry. And they earn these Residuals for life, so feel good knowing YOUR purchase counts. 

Therefore, we offer a similar plan like Apple TV, purchase a product and own it for life, view it any time and allow us to store is safely and securely for you, off your computer or internet device or TV. 

Our VOD platform allows you, the viewer and fan of adult content, to feel secure knowing your payment not only supports your favourite Porn Star, you own the right to view this video any time, and we'll always be here for you. If you support us, we'll support you in every way imaginable.

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