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Chaste Bio

A Very Creative Video Broadcast Production

Who We Are

A brand new Start Up with a concept of delivering LIVE Adult Lifestyle Entertainment from a gorgeous Toronto converted loft.

What We Do

We offer 4 forms of quality entertainment for adults with a wide variety of interests but all of them kinky or sexy, aligned with a superior user friendly atmosphere and sense of community.


Founder Of Chaste

Founder Of Chaste

Over 3 Decades In Entertainment

A Musician signed to Warner Music Canada in his 20's, performing for live audiences people all around the world.

Over 3 decades as a DJ in Canada for 20 and Los Angeles for 10 years, working in all aspects of Entertainerment.

Worked along side A-List celebrities at TIFF for 6 years straight in the fast-paced duty of the press junket interviews.

Chaste Owner Michael Gionet

Chaste Owner

Michael Gionet


Exciting New Weekend Broadcasts

Create a healthy environment in an industry where respect and dignity don't often occure.

Becoming Canada's number 1 content creator, follwed by much more than that.

Being the change I want to see, creating a corporate accountability for doing our part to change the world.

Business FAQ

Frequently Asked Business Questions

What does Chaste offer?

Chaste offers steady employment for many forms of on-camera talent, from experienced to amateurs. We pay the most, hire the most and are one of very few Ethical productions so we pay our talent above-scale, allow them to make their decisions and pay them Residuals (earningd from every VoD purchase for life).


Let's Work Together

Chaste Productions Inc. 4K Broadcast Production Studio Control Room