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Our Unique Upscale Swingers Club

Hello. We are an independent 100% Canadian entertainment company offering our unique form of online adult only content that is also a real-life lifestyle experience in our upscale Swingers Club in Toronto.

An Interactive Experience

Check out this video of hot Pornstar Jessica Starling featured on one of our Live Pay Per View Events getting a lapdance from Toronto Male Stripper Mr. Feelgood. This was a lead up to the headlining performance of Jessica Starling getting beautifully fucked by John Legendary on a 4K video available here.

Be In Our Audience!

Become a part of the audience, read more below and then reach out to us, we would love to see you here!

What We Offer

Our Business Model offers something for almost any curious adult interesting in exploring sexuality, an alternative lifestyle and a network of like-minded smart adults who have already found us.

Here is a summary of the services we offer.

Unique Swingers Club

Upscale VIP Invite Only Events

We host upscale events featuring Pornstars, Special Guests, Unique Entertainers and so much more, evenutally every weekend with a different theme for every night.

4K Video Production

Hardwired and Wireless 4k Cameras

We utilize both hard-wired and wireless cameras for both pro quality and reality-based filming with instant 4k TV video monitoring in almost real time.

E-Commerce Website

Our Independent In-House System To Monetize

Our bespoke E-Commerce website hosts all our VODs and Pay Per View Events available to be purchased by adults anywhere with a decent internet connection.

Healthy Lifestyle Options

Our Safe, Open and Encouraging Environment

We Host Social Mixers and networking events uniting individuals with others for networking, collaboration and support and all in an safe, comfortable sex-positive setting.

Live PPV Events

Available As Pay Per View Entertainment

As a swingers club, our entertainment is also shown worldwide as Pay Per View Events at an affordable price for adults only on this E-Commerce website.

Our Talent Roster

A Collection Of The Best On-Camera Talent

Eventually many people will look to us for the quality of professional, pro/am talent that have been vetted by us and have high quality 4k video content to show for it.

Our Content Sharing

We Share All Content Created

Unique to our Business Model is the fact that we share all the content created with our on-camera talent, for everyone to sell on OnlyFans and grow their personal portfolio.

Business To Business

Sponsorship, Advertizing, Marketing And Much More

In an attempt to build a community, we offer gracious rates for others to align themselves with us and take advantage of our worldwide demographic.